How to pick multilogin tool (like GoLogin) for an affiliate marketing campaigns?


It is no secret that sometimes affiliate marketers need to stay under the radar in order for their campaign to run successfully. This is where various tools like anti-detect (or stealth browsers as they often called) browsers come handy. 

Multilogin tools not only protect your data but also enable you to log in to multiple accounts at once.

How does it work with affiliate campaigns?

“How does it work exactly?” You may ask. 

The answer lies in the technology that alters your browser fingerprint and replaces it with a different one. With this technology, you can access multiple accounts from your browser simultaneously. 

These tools can also be used for automating your repetitive affiliate tasks. Anti-detect browsers enable you to:

  • stay completely anonymous online;

  • simplify the account farming process;

  • log into multiple social and ad accounts at once;

  • avoid bans for rule violations thanks to the three points mentioned above.

How to choose the right anti-detect browser?

You can find a wide variety of anti-detect browsers online, but with our experience, reviews, and use cases from our affiliates, we strongly advise you to use GoLogin.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to use GoLogin for your FoxOffers affiliate campaign:

  1. Log in to your FoxOffers account. Here is your dashboard which shows your performance with Impressions, CTR, clicks, registrations, and other parameters.

  2. Then go to “Marketing tools”, select the needed creative, and copy the affiliate link. 

  3. If you want to advertise this creative on forums, social networks, or other platforms where accounts or your digital identity can be banned, then you need to use the anti-detection browser GoLogin. Here you should create a new profile. Click New profile, enter the name, and select HTTP proxies.

  4. Now, run the profile. The start page with the data of our connection will open. Check the data and go to the needed platform then advertise without the fear of being banned.

  5. After running a successful ad campaign, return to FoxOffers and withdraw your funds!

Or you can watch this video by our friends from GoLogin to see the process in detail:

If you still have questions - you know we’re always here to help! Ping us on our socials or drop us a line to [email protected] if you have any questions, we’d be glad to chat.