4 main newbie mistakes affiliates make on Facebook


If you have been in affiliate marketing for a while, you definitely heard that this traffic source is on the rise especially for the Forex/Crypto vertical. But why is it rising? And why now?

Let’s take a look at Facebook as a trending traffic source for financial offers and dive into common mistakes you might encounter if you're just starting your first FB affiliate campaign.

As the pandemic struck and the quarantine locked us all down in the comfort of our homes, the economy got locked down too and that did not end up well for a lot of people. Some got stuck at home with no job and had nothing else to visit, but social media, like Facebook. So, it’s no wonder financial offers with investment and passive income opportunities became trending with Facebook as a traffic source for it.

There’s still time for you to catch this train and join the gold rush for the highly converting Facebook traffic with offers from our affiliate network. But before you begin, you need to beware of these 4 common mistakes newbies are making with Facebook campaigns for affiliate marketing.

#1. Forgetting About Industry Specifics and Features

The first and foremost mistake is forgetting about offer specifics and subsequently choosing the wrong offer to promote as an affiliate on Facebook.

Forex and Crypto verticals have a relatively high entry threshold with several factors that may affect CPA qualification (like min FTD, the number of closed deals, specific payment terms). Taking all of these into consideration, financial offers require powerful and trustworthy brands behind them to convert well.

Forgetting about this and going only after promising high payouts may lead to ruining your reputation as an affiliate. Do your research and only pick the best and exclusive offers with real users, reviews, and history.

Bonus case: 

Along with the aforementioned tips, pay attention to what strategy and promo format would work best under the circumstances of this industry. According to our affiliates, the best are: 

  • Posting in relevant groups with the right target audience;

  • Building up a Fan Page or creating a Personal Brand as an expert.

#2. Mistakes With Audience Targeting on Facebook

Any promo starts with the audience, and on Facebook, that’s the first soft spot to watch out for when you’re starting your campaign. A lot of newbie Facebook Ads users don’t change the targeting after they’ve aimed at one offer in the financial vertical. They just use the same broad audience to scale campaigns and try other offers. This strategy is a path to failure. The same applies if you’re trying to copy someone’s guide or case study.

You should always remember that financial offers are money related and depend on a narrow target audience. Each offer has it’s own features that may lead to a change in your targeting.  As a rule of thumb, the audience in Forex/Crypto vertical is not aimed at “impulse purchases”. So cheap traffic in this vertical of affiliate marketing leads to nothing but a drain in your budget.

#3. Creatives That Get Banned Or Converts Badly

Probably the biggest chance of making a mistake when you’re new to affiliate marketing on Facebook is messing up with creatives. 

Here is what you have to watch out for:

— “Before and after” images - yes, they can be relevant for some of the financial offers, but this kind of promo content still gets banned on Facebook.

— Directly or indirectly indicating the personal characteristics of the user - these include gender, age, financial status, ethnicity, and others. These characteristics can only be used when setting up targeting, but cannot be mentioned in a creative itself.

— Advertising message with negative or misleading information - always make sure the ad has a positive message and doesn't make people feel bad about themselves. Also, don't promise specific results to customers after they use your product or service. Any unconfirmed product performance information can lead to a ban. 

#4. Missing Out Campaign Testing Phase

Sparing budget on the testing phase - pretty common mistake for an amateur. Those who had any previous experience with affiliate programs and Facebook traffic knows - a test budget not only saves the main one but also your time and nerves. 

To understand how well or poor your ad campaign is performing, firstly you need to determine the critical values: cost per click, lead, and average CR for specific geo of each offer. After you know that - compare the referent average values in the industry with those obtained in your campaign. 

We at FoxOffers are always ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask your affiliate manager about the average CR for the GEO you’ve decided to work with. Just contact FoxOffers Team and we’ll gladly advise you on your Facebook traffic for our affiliate program.


Bonus Tip From FoxOffers Team For Our New Partners

If you’re just starting your journey as an affiliate marketer - we’re glad to welcome you as our partner. 

And from the moment you create your FoxOffers affiliate account, your success is our interest and priority. So here is a bonus piece of advice from us if you’re still deciding to work with our exclusive crypto offers and Facebook traffic.

Try this social media traffic source paired with another one - Instagram. From what we have seen, it’s a match made in heaven. These two networks are easy to work with and both have the right target audience that converts well on our offer (but only if you pay attention to the details we discussed above).

And now let’s start and see how your Facebook traffic performs!
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