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Referral Program

100$ welcome bonus for each new referral
20$ for every referral’s FTD


Sub-Affiliate (Referral) - a new affiliate who established partnership relations with FoxOffers by using the existing affiliate’s unique referral link.

Referral commissions - amount of money Affiliate receives from FoxOffers due to Referral program conditions.

Referral program terms and conditions

Main - 20$ for each referral’s approved FTD for 3 months and 100$ for new referral’s first approved FTD.

  1. For each Sub-affiliate that the Affiliate has referred to FoxOffers through a unique referral link, the Affiliate will have the right to be paid $20 (20 USD) for each referred Affiliate's qualified FTD for 3 months from the date referral relations are established (unless other terms were agreed upon individually). Also, Affiliate will receive an extra 100 USD for each new referral’s first approved FTD.
  2. For this purpose, the parties agree that only the newly referred Affiliates will be eligible for FoxOffers and that no individuals or companies with pre-existing accounts shall be considered eligible for the effect.
  3. Referral commissions start to accrue when the Referred Affiliate(s) bills got paid, not on traffic origin (to include the most up-to-date amounts).
  4. Referral commissions can be withdrawn as soon as the minimum threshold of $250 is reached.
  5. Referral commissions are paid on a monthly basis, on the third payment day (third Friday) of the following month.
  6. If FoxOffers determines, in its sole discretion, that the Affiliate or Sub-affiliate who has engaged in any activity that FoxOffers considers to be fraudulent would not be paid neither CPA nor the referral commissions.

For example, your new referral provided 50 FTD’s.  50 x 20 = 1000. You will receive $1000 referral commission + $100 for referral’s first FTD.