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Foxoffers Annual Wrap-Up
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Foxoffers Annual Wrap-Up


Polina Kotilva

- January 02, 2023

Foxoffers Annual Wrap-Up

Should you ask us what kind of year it was, we’d say it was “exciting, yet a f*ucking challenging year”.

On the one hand, our team evolved enormously this year. Can you imagine that during the second year of our company’s life, we have already managed to form a holistic organism — our team and our goals are now unified. We are excited to have achieved our initial goals: stabilize and optimize processes, grow the team, achieve revenue targets, and much more. This was a truly “exciting” part of the year.

The “f*ucking challenging” one relates to the fact that the Foxoffers team was and remained in Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦 We are proud to be Ukrainians, but obviously, we had extra obstacles to overcome this year and constantly bring adjustments to our plans.

However, in this darkness, we gained something precious and intangible. We thought we knew what “team spirit” meant. Ha, little did we know that the true one is about caring about each other in the most extraordinary situation ever. The true Foxoffers spirit was formed starting on February 24, when at 6 a.m. we coordinated each other’s actions, looked after our colleagues in the cities we had never been to before, supported families, etc. The challenges continue with all the blackouts and shellings that we experience nowadays.

But we are not afraid, as we are determined to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We are so proud of each other.

Foxoffers team

Despite everything:

📌 Our team has grown by 10 talented Foxies, including the CMO and HRD, who joined us at the end of the year. We now have more developers, affiliate managers, and media buyers. As of today, we have open vacancies … so welcome to the team.

📌 We have radically revised our partnership approach. As you may guess, not all the collaborations passed the “Ukrainian filter”. Yet, we increased the number of new partnerships, which reached 83 by the end of 2022!

📌 Revenue reached $790,000, which is only half the planned, but given the circumstances, we consider it an outstanding achievement this year.

📌 Numerous obstacles did not prevent us from attending Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona, WebSummit, and Affiliate World Asia. Next year, in 2023, we will be happy to talk with you in a sunny Dubai, atmospheric Barcelona, intriguing Philippines, Thailand, and who knows where else.

📌 We have not suspended the development of our product and let our competitors not expect this to happen. Very soon, we will show a demo of a product we are so proud of! We sincerely believe it will make marketers’ everyday lives so much easier.

So, the summary of the year is the following:

✔️we left unpaid 0 payouts to the partners

✔️unpaid salaries equals to 0

✔️number of russian partners reached 0

🙌 and there are 0 doubts that we can do everything!

With love and appreciation,

Foxoffers Team

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